Moving to Cape Cod?

Not after seeing this map outlining Cape Cod and its vulnerability to climate change…



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Catastrophes Are Us!

hurricaneSomeone I know works in Catastrophe Modeling. Insurance companies use information from companies that do catastrophe modeling to decide which disasters are coming down the line and whether they can or should offer coverage. The disasters include:


•    Earthquakes
•    Extratropical Cyclones (Winter Storms)
•    Flood
•    Multiple Peril Crop Insurance
•    Pandemic Influenza
•    Severe Thunderstorm (Tornado, Hail, Straight-line Wind)
•    Terrorism
•    Tropical Cyclones (Hurricanes, Typhoons)
•    Wildfire

The list is telling. Many of these catastrophes are the product of climate change. So the crazy thing is, we like to think of insurance companies as conservative, but they are looking more closely at the effects of global climate change than probably any other institutions on earth. From the Boston-based Air Worldwide catastrophe modeling company: “(Our) models are based on sophisticated simulation methods and powerful computer programs that capture how catastrophes behave and impact the built environment.”

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The Window is Closing. We Must Act on Climate Change Now

storm“Climate change is already happening,” says a group of the world’s top scientists, who released a report today under the auspices of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The report says, unequivocally, we are experiencing global climate change and time is running short to do something to stop it. Download the report on climate change here or visit the AAAS website.

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Cretins Who Comment Online

Why are so many commenters on newspaper websites such low-lifes? There is so much racism, sexism, hatred, ignorance, class war and other junk. I think anonymous commenting should be ended.

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Diaper Facts

A FACT TO KNOW AND TELL: Adult diapers outsell baby diapers in Japan.

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Get Yer Free Films Here

A fantastic source of great documentary films is Top Documentary Films.


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Here’s a Great Doc Film to Check Out

Looking for a great film to watch this weekend? Check out The Imposter, a documentary that is as gripping as any murder mystery. So many twists and turns. Amazing editing, storytelling and cinematography. It’s on Netflix Streaming.

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A Valentine’s Tribute to My Guy Friends

heartI’m never going to get married (at least not to a guy), so I want to take this Valentine’s Day to pay tribute to a selection (not all) of my wonderful male friends (Gosh, until I made this list, I hadn’t realized how many there were). In alphabetical order:

Alec: my work buddy from my last job, who is kind, super-smart, very funny. I don’t get to see him much these days, but he’s still my bud.

Brian: my smart, talented friend who lives kinda far away but who I manage to see about once a year, give or take.

Chris: my work buddy from my current job, who left to pursue his PhD. He is cool, smart, and a super-talented poet and writer.

Chuck: a new-ish friend who is warm, kind, smart, talented, and down to earth.

Dan: my cousin. We practically grew up together. I’ve always liked him a lot and admired him.

David: college buddy of many years who is one of the best friends you could ask for. Loving and devoted.

David: a cool guy who is kind and generous. I’m getting to know him via his relationship with one of my sisters.

Hiroshi: a true mensch who cares about women and works on their behalf. Caring, generous, kind. I bet he’s a great dad to his daughter.

Michael: my local-history bud. I enjoy him very much. Interesting, smart, full of energy.

Moss: my buddy from college. I have always been very fond of Moss, who has lived far away for many years, but we reconnected recently and he’s the wonderful, energetic, warm, mega-interesting guy I remember.

Pradeep: the husband of my former violin teacher, a fun, smart guy who I can really talk to, but who lives on the West Coast.

Pratt: a warm, smart man who is full of life, generous with his time and ideas.

Rob: my great friend of so many years. A mensch, a brilliant writer, and a sweet guy.

Ron: My college buddy who helped me get my first real job in journalism. He’s a great, warm, hard-working, talented friend.

Ted: a sweet, gentle man. One of the best.

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Atlanta Grocery Shelves are Empty Except For…

All that is left on the shelves of some grocery stores in Atlanta is “corn and asparagus,” reports CNN. Why corn and asparagus?

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Mr. Obama, Just Go For It!!

How come if it’s President Obama’s last term he doesn’t just GO FOR IT?!! I am happy to see some movement on the federal minimum wage, but $10.10??? We know that this is still not a living wage. GO THE DISTANCE! Make it $17-$18! Mr. Obama, you have nothing to lose.

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